Who We Are


Let’s introduce the members of the TubaMeisters:


Ezra Johnson(Lead Euphonium & Vocal soloist)–Ezra is a former middle school band         director who still takes music quite seriously.  A graduate of the University of Texas, and   former Longhorn Band member, Ezra brings both his euphonium skills, and his rich        baritone vocal talent to the group.  A  latecomer to the group, he has performed with the TubaMeisters since 2005.












Al Tapia(Euphonium & Vocals)–Al is a retired U.S. Army bandmaster, who presently serves as the director of several area community bands.  He was a founding member of the        TubaMeisters, whose job caused him to have to leave the group for several years.  But, he’s back, and he sometimes helps out with vocals, as well.













Ray Grim(Tuba, Vocals, &  Arranger)–Ray is a former school band director, as well as a founding member of the group.  In addition to playing tuba, he serves as the “staff            arranger,” and does some vocal backing.  Outside of the group, Ray teaches a number of tuba, euphonium, and trombone students, and performs with the prestigious San Antonio Wind Symphony. http://raygrim.com



Richard Wallace(Tuba, Euphonium,  &  Arranger)–Richard is a retired school band                director, who now conducts the Alzafar Shrine Band, as well as performing with the             Beethoven Concert Band.  Richard plays tuba, occasionally euphonium, and has written several of the band’s arrangements.  Furthermore, Richard is always ready with a joke.  He is also a founding member of the TubaMeisters.


For booking information, please contact Ray Grim:  TubaRay@satx.rr.com

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  1. Last minute inquiry… just wondering if you have any time on Sunday, October 9, 2016… decided to maybe throw a surprise party for my husband’s 50th and I’m thinking Oktoberfest would be a great theme. We live half way between Dripping Springs and Austin (Nutty Brown Road). Outdoor party (we have a big yard for the neighborhood). 1-2 hours.

  2. Enjoyed your performance September 24th on Mollie B, tremendously!
    We are about 2500-miles from where you played! We’ll enjoy hearing and seeing you wherever, whenever. Tx.

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