Welcome to The TubaMeisters on the Web!

The TubaMeisters(Photo Credit: Mike Clark)

Welcome to The TubaMeisters website, the internet home of a quartet like none you’ve ever seen or heard. The group specializes in what is most often referred to as “ethnic music,” with tunes from Germany,   Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and a number of other countries. In addition to the traditional tunes, the band also puts a most interesting twist on a number of pop, country, and oldies tunes. The TubaMeisters will entertain you with a special brand of music and humor. They are perfect for your festival party, or special occasion. You WILL have a good time, with The TubaMeisters as the band!

“…the premier heavy metal group, The TubaMeisters”–Alex Meixner(Grammy Nominated Musician, Alex Meixner Band, Palm City, FL)

“The TubaMeisters were the best(!) entertainment there. They were the main connection to a German Oktoberfest that we could find there.”–Kristen Pachl Malachowski(Facebook, Oktoberfest, Fredericksburg, TX)

“Fantastice polka band.”–Greg Matthews(YouTube, Oktoberfest, North by Northwest Restaurant & Brewery, Austin, TX)

“I just wanted to let you know that everyone had a great time and really enjoyed your performance. I got wonderful feedback from everyone. We couldn’t have asked for more!”–Annette Goodson(ATKG, LLP, San Antonio, TX)

“What’s not to love about Oktoberfest music by the TubaMeisters..?”–AOL Travel