Ezra Johnson


EZRA JOHNSON–Lead Euphonium,  Lead Vocalist,  Alphorn

A former member of the University of Texas Longhorn Band, Ezra brings his impressive vocal and instrumental talents to the group.




Al Tapia


AL TAPIA–Euphonium, Vocals

    Al is a retired U.S. Army Band musician, a career which included two tours in Germany. In addition to his role with The TubaMeisters, he also serves as conductor of several area amateur bands.




Ray Grim


RAY GRIM–Tuba, Vocals, Arranger

Also a member of the San Antonio Wind Symphony, Ray manages the group, writes arrangements, and also performs on stage.




Richard Wallace



Richard is the bass player for The TubaMeisters.  He is also Conductor of the Alzafar Shrine Band and has made several Band and Bible missions to Africa.





Al Marrouin

Al is a frequent substitute performer with The TubaMeisters, playing the euphonium. He is a retired Army band musician, and also performs with the San Antonio Symphonic Band.