Mollie B Polka Party Taping-2016

TubaMeisters on stage performing with Mollie B.
TubaMeisters on stage performing with Mollie B.

The TubaMeisters participated in the taping session for the Mollie B Polka Part, a show on RFD-TV. They performed the following tunes:

Es Bluht Ein Edelweiss
Sag Danke Schoen Mit Roten Rosen(with Mollie singing lead)
Bis Bald Auf Wiedersehen
Schnapps Polka(with Mollie singing lead)
Texas Waltz Medley

The first three tunes will be included in a future show, as will the other three tunes, on another show. We hope you’ll check out RFD-TV, and will watch for the shows that include The TubaMeisters, as well as many of our fellow Texas bands.

Ray, singing backup to Mollie.
Ray, singing backup to Mollie, along with Richard, Ezra, and Al(not pictured).