TUBAMEISTER CDs(available for purchase)

Al Tapia & Richard Wallace(Euphoniums)
Rick Denney & Ray Grim(Tubas)

  1. Pennsylvania Polka
  2. Helena Polka
  3. Alte Kameraden Marsch
  4. Schneewalzer
  5. Barbara Polka
  6. Das ist Blasmusik
  7. Du, Du, Liegst Mir Im Herzen
  8. Pizzacato Polka
  9. Liechtensteiner Polka
  10. Rosamunde(Beer Barrel Polka)
  11. Der Kleine Teufel(Little Devil Polka)
  12. Chicken Dance
  13. Dort Tief im Bohmerwald
  14. Tritsch Tratsch Polka
  15. Blau Augen Polka
  16. The Kiss Polka
  17. Happy Wanderer


TUBA TIME!(2008)
Ezra Johnson & Al Tapia(Euphoniums)
Ray Grim & Richard Wallace(Tubas)

  1. Ein Prosit!
  2. Julida Polka
  3. Under the Double Eagle March
  4. O, Du Wunderschoener Deutsche Rheineel
  5. Pretty Dancing Girl
  6. Heel and Toe Polka
  7. Muss I Denn
  8. Muziky, Muziky March
  9. Praha Polka
  10. Boehmerwald
  11. Auf Der Autobahn
  12. Tick Tock Polka
  13. Alte Kameraden Marsch
  14. Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
  15. Du, Du, Liegst mir im Herzen
  16. Blue Skirt Waltz
  17. Wien Bleibt Wein Marsch
  18. Red Wing Polka
  19. Gruss An Kiel Marsch
  20. Green is Green Polka
  21. Bier Her, Bier Her Medley
  22. Helena Polka
  23. Barbara Polka


MORE TUBA!(2013)
Ezra Johnson & Al Tapia(Euphoniums)
Ray Grim & Richard Wallace(Tubas)

  1. Tuba Echo Polka
  2. A Ja Sam Polka
  3. Grossglocknerblick
  4. In den Bergen
  5. Johann Euro Medley
  6. Du Kannst Nicht Treue Sein
  7. Jaegermeisterburg
  8. Herz Schmerz Polka
  9. Circling Pigeons
  10. Black Crow Polka
  11. Gruene Tannen
  12. Julida Polka
  13. Egerlaender Polka
  14. Barbara Polka
  15. In der Wildenau
  16. Mein Blonder Matrose
  17. Schutzenliesel
  18. Links, Rechts, Vor, Zuruck
  19. Es Ist So Schoen


CDs are available for purchase.  The cost is $15.00 each, three for $40.00 all four for $48.00.  These prices INCLUDE shipping to the continental U.S.  Please send a check for the amount, and indicate which CD, or CDs, you wish to purchase.

Send payment to:

Ray Grim, 6670 Country Field Dr., San Antonio, Tx. 78240

Please make checks payable to:  The TubaMeisters.




4 thoughts on “TUBAMEISTER CDs(available for purchase)

    1. We are indeed going to be at North by Northwest, this weekend. It is among our most favorite places to perform. We truly hope it will bring you, and others, great joy! I’m sorry we haven’t been able to record another CD. Perhaps this coming spring will bring an opportunity to get that project done. We have a number of tunes we’d really like to record.

      Be sure and check for our performance times(on this website), and if you aren’t already a member of the TubaMeisters Fan Club on Facebook, join now.

      If you come to NXNW, or any other place we are performing, be sure to come say hello.

    1. Hi, Chris. I’m not sure what you are attempting to communicate. Yes, we have a Christmas CD(see another page on our website). Please clarify what you are attempting to communicate, or let us know if someone has either hacked your email, or if this is some type of spam.

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