Here are some videos of the TubaMeisters in action:

Perfect German Polka:

Beatles Medley:

Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie:

Das Kusteinerlied/Auf der Vogelwiese     (1st 2:09)

Dough Ray Me:

Merry Christmas Polka:

Beer Barrel Polka:

Johnny Cash Medley:

Beer Barrel Polka:

In Heaven There Is No Beer:

In a Gadda da Vida:

Happy Wanderer:


Muss I Denn:

National Anthem:

Sound of Music Medley(with special guests Hans, Mary, Max, Rose, & Maddie Grim):

In a Gadda da Vida(with guest drummer, Wes Griffin):

Here are some YouTube videos shot at the 2014 TubaMeister Christmas concert, by local band director, Roger Duran:

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